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Colors, designs and logos may be polished right into a floor. When polishing is complete additional lines may also be saw cut into the floor to simulate a tile or slate look. This process is a good solution for new construction or renovations and will help gain LEED points for reuse, sustainability and no VOCs. Other benefits include increased light reflectivity, low maintenance, elimination of dust, increased durability and a ten year or more lifespan if maintained properly.

Required preparation and finishes for a standard installation:

All grease, oil, dirt, dust, curing compounds, sealers, coatings, efflorescence, old adhesive residues or any other foreign material must be removed from the concrete. To properly clean existing concrete it must be mechanically cleaned with a scarifier. All cracks or divots must then be repaired and any expansion joints prepped prior to the polishing process.

Floor will then be mechanically polished. Diamond head grinders are used to polish, densify and seal the floor. The final diamond grit finish used will determine the amount of shine in the floor. A matte finish would be complete at about 100 grit, floors may be polished up to a 3,000 grit to create a glossy finish.

Any high or low spots in the floor will be exposed and more noticeable once the floor is polished. These areas will show either a smaller or larger amount of exposed aggregate or in some cases just a patch of polished cement. Also one should note that the sealers, hardeners and stains used produce a wide range of finished colors depending on many factors including but not limited to, finishing techniques, mix designs, curing practices, base color, surface porosity and age and condition in existing slabs. Edges may have a different appearance due to hand held tool pressure.

Once the final polishing is done your floor is ready for use.

Maintenance & Benefits:

To maintain the polished shine you will need to clean the floor regularly with a simple soap and water solution such as simple green.

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