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Countertop Maintenance

Routine Maintenance Tips and General Information for Designer Countertops

General Maintenance Guidelines

Even after sealing, countertops are not indestructible. Use coasters for glasses and hot pads for hot items. Counters should not be used as a cutting board. Knives can cut through the sealer, creating weak spots.

Our sealers are designed to protect against all organic stains including cooking oil, grease and beverages. All spills should be removed as soon as possible for best results.

Clean the sealed surface regularly with a soft cloth using Simple Green or another nonabrasive nonacid cleaner. A neutral pH cleaner from a tile store may also be used. Rinse with a minimum amount of water and dry promptly. Soaps and detergents can leave a film on the surface.

Do not use cleaners containing abrasives, bleach and ammonia as they can damage the sealer.

With proper maintenance, you will enjoy your new countertop for many years.

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