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Our company forms decorative countertops out of traditional concrete. Each countertop is different depending on the look and texture the client wants to achieve. Standard and customized edge profiles are available. Countertops may be colored with integral color and topical stains. In addition, decorative elements such as glass, metals, wood, river rocks or lights may be broadcast or embedded into the surface.

Required preparation and finishes for a Concrete Countertop installation:

Once the cabinets or framework, that the countertop is being made for are installed onsite; one of our engineers will create a template to produce the custom pieces at our shop.

Concrete will be mixed and poured into the form. Additional additives are placed in the mix to help reduce structural and hairline cracking. In addition all of our countertops have wire mesh in the middle for reinforcement. Even with these additives some hairline cracking may result. The beauty of concrete is that it is a natural product that may be formed and molded and the artistic additions possible are limitless. However, it is a natural occurrence for concrete to shrink sometimes causing hairline cracks. Most people find the small cracks add to the character and aged look of the concrete, however if you prefer unvarying uniform looking products a concrete counter may not be the design choice you are looking for.

Once the concrete has cured, the piece may be ground and polished to expose aggregates or other decorative additions. Depending on the clients choice of finish the countertop can be polished to a smooth glass like surface or left with a more textured finish.

The entire piece is then sealed. The countertop is now complete and ready for delivery and installation.

Custom countertops take approximately three-four weeks to produce and range in price depending on design and detail. Each countertop is custom made; creating a unique piece that becomes a great focal point in any home, restaurant or business.

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