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With the use of stamps, engraving tools, custom texturing mix, colors and sealers an extraordinary decorative concrete piece can be fabricated for interior or exterior use. Prehistoric fossils, animal tracks, plants, leaves and marine life. East Coast can replicate nature with concrete by combining the freedom of sculpture with the detail of molding.

Required preparation and finishes for a Vertical installation:

The mix we use is a lightweight concrete material that can be applied up to three inches thick and stamped within minutes after being installed. Applied thick like plaster, the mix will bond to wallboard, plaster, dry wall, paneling, stone or existing concrete. The mix is superior in strength, easy to work with and shows incredible detail when stamped.

Custom water features, weight-bearing diving structures and lifelike trees are just a few of the endless designs available.

For a specific job, an exact timeline and estimate would be provided. Most applications can be completed in 4-5 days.

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